I’m a creative author, poet, and freelance writer with a love of nature, tea, and exploration.  At present, I have a part-time job while working on completing a submittable draft of my first young adult fiction novel, and pursuing a second degree in the field of gemology.

I’ve been writing since almost before I could talk.   Back then, I carried spiral-bound one-subject notebooks with me everywhere I went, and it wasn’t hard to spot me curled up in some quiet corner, frantically scribbling away while the world went on around me.  I’m not too different nowadays, save for the addition of a laptop or tablet to my repertoire, and I still love nothing more than spending my time working on my craft.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English Studies from Murray State University in Kentucky.  At present, I have no publishing credentials, but I have several submissions out and hope to have good news soon.  Information about my current projects can be found at the Poetry and Creative Fiction pages of this site.

If you are here in search of a freelancer for hire, I’m happy you’ve found me.  Please take a look at my Freelancing page for more information.

Thanks for stopping by.